Video Review: INQ Chat 3G


  • Rogerswind

    good for a first phone for all students before moving up to blackberries iphones and androids

  • Taylor

    Definitely not a bad device. I may have opted for this if it was available back when I switched to Koodo.

  • Ajax

    dunno about this, if i go koodo i think i’ll just get the blackberry for the extra $100. or is there something i’m missing here?

  • Jackson

    good for Koodo
    can’t see this being my phone for 3 years though

    • Caleb

      But with Koodo there is no contracts? isn’t there?

  • am

    i just got this phone from kodo’s website with a talk and text plan, getting it soon.

  • mr iphonepple

    this device is available free on a 2 year with TELUS

  • am

    telus is too expensive compared to kodo

  • Brad

    It looks like a nice little phone for what its meant to be, an entry level smartphone. Its clearly marketed for the younger crowd as well with the cool battery back, and the packaging(the reviewer sounded more impressed with the box than the phone! lol) I really like that bottom app scroll on the bottom! But it looks like it could use a faster processor and maybe some more memory. I wouldnt get it for myself, but it would be great for who its meant for.

  • Joey TKO

    What are you taking about “looks like a nice little phone for what its meant to be, an entry level smartphone”
    Entry level smartphone???
    How about feature rich BASIC phone
    INQ is suspect at best.
    Too many better options out there at this price point.

  • Taylor

    @am: Koodo is owned by Telus, but yes, for a non smartphone user, they have better deals than their owner.

  • eceplayground

    Get the HTC Desire! $79 on 3yr term, no data plan needed

  • mario83

    lol canadas ultimate social phone, i could think better phones to call a “ultimate social phone”

  • Dave

    Buyer beware.I bought this phone and used it of a week then I returned it to Koodo.It’s painfully slow. Messenger works when it wants to. The phone reboots several times when I turn it on first thing in the morning. Battary life is nothing to write home about. It was just way to slow for me. And it was not just my phone, my girlfriend had the same phone and she experienced the same issues. So now I’m back to my old reliable LG Keybo.

  • JC

    I concur with Dave 100%. I bought this phone two weeks ago. I’m taking it back tomorrow and getting the Blackberry. This phone is awful – reboots for no apparent reason, and it is just way too slow. Painfully slow. And it freezes up constantly. Did I mention that it’s friggin’ SLOW??? And the apps that are available through the “INQ Hub” are a joke. Spend the extra $100 and get the BB. Or get anything else. Just don’t get the INQ Chat.

  • SJoh

    This phone is not the best. It is really, really, really slow. Especially with picture taking. This phone freezes all the time and as mentioned re-boots itself for no reason.. (however all of my koodo phones have). The only really cool thing about it, is the different back cover piece that comes with it. Haha! Also not sure how Koodo measures the useage that I have used. I have 100MB and have so far used 60MB somehow in just over a week. **This is probably going on facebook 3 times a day.** Bring back unlimited web browsing!!!!!

  • Maria

    This phone is TERRIBLE.

    Slow… always freezes up every time I use the phone. Not sending text messages at proper times and to get certain texts I have to restart the phone. The facebook and email application is not working, only sending me my friend requests. Sometimes I can view friends on facebook, other times it doesn’t allow me to even click their profile. Camera literally takes a minute to snap a picture. Slow while texting… it’s like the phone freezes up when sending text messages.

    I hate this phone. Not worth $45 a month.


    phone and service sucks!
    phone looks great but when you have an incoming calls, and when it happens you are on other applications such as email browsing, you will definitely miss the call as you cannot pick up the call right away cause you have to get out of that app and then press answer key. Even if you have done your setting for “any key answer”, just don’t work!

  • alysha

    yea its good for students. i got mine from telus for $99 with 3G

  • phill


  • rachel

    i got a talck and text plan can u use msn for free or not

  • Ria

    I truly want this as my new prepaid device. It has a blackberry-esque look, and seems perfect for text messaging. However, after extensive research, I am very weary on buying the INQ Chat 3G. I might just go the extra $10.00 for the LG Banter.

  • Patricia

    This phone is really bad. I bought it on sale and now know why. It has a million glitches. It turns itself of for no good reason. Last week it froze, for no good reason. Sometimes it loads Facebook and other times, it just gives you your page from a week ago and won’t update. Do NOT buy this phone!

  • rob

    Does anybody know if this phone is unlocked, you can put your sim card inand ue it on Bell Mobility network. Or does it have to be used on Koodo or Telus