TELUS BlackBerry 8530 has identity crisis, renamed Curve 3G


  • randomess

    technically the 8530 is 3G because it runs on CDMA 3rd generation and is much faster than its edge 8520 counter-part… just like the curve 8330 was 3G and was much faster than the 8300,8310,8320. 3G is not only on GSM and 3G/HSPA is not the same thing.

  • FadedSpark

    Yeah but the official branding is just the curve. And the NEW curve 3g is officially branded as such wearing HSPA on board.

    This is new, and either a slip up in an edit, or a placeholder for the replacement, which is definitely coming. Telus will in no way keep the old curve on with rogers and bell already moving to the 3G one.

    Besides, It’s another chance at new subscribers 😉

  • Bubzilla

    what they should do to liquidate the 8500 series is put them Prepaid and sell them at a discount, like Bell did with the old Pearl. They shouldve done that with the remaining 8300s instead of selling them at similar prices to the 8500s and let them gather dust. But that goes against Telus’s stubborn “nobody on prepaid can ever EVER have a smartphone and use it fully” credo lol.

  • FadedSpark

    Out of all the canadian carriers, Telus is by far the least evil though. You have to give them that.

    The INQ is launching on a $0 2 year

    And from what I hear, and don’t quote me on this til launch, be ready for a 3yr no data committment on the desire. It’ll rock your world if my source is right.

  • Bubzilla

    Hmmm, now they changed it back….and it says its $124 on a 3 year…..that has to be a mistake, who would buy that on a 3 year contract when the Bold is only 99? lol

  • MER1978

    Right now Rogers is pushing the 8520 with a bunch of 3G android phones… which just plain SUCKS.