The Apple iPhone 4 lineup in Toronto…


  • Jason Young

    Yea here’s the issue: no one has any clue yet what’s going for early upgrade policies. Majority of people in the lineups are early adopters and thus upgrading from their 3GS phones.

  • travis

    interesting………i am in halifax and just got off the phone with rogers guy at the store near my place…..they have 5 phones!!!

    apparently apple is not interested in setting any records here.

  • Jeremy

    And in good old Saskatchewan, the iPhone 4 doesn’t really mean much yet. Rogers has terrible coverage, Bell can’t sell in Sask, SaskTel doesn’t have the new HSPA network turned on yet, and Telus runs off SaskTel.

    Supposedly the new SaskTel Network is supposed to get turned on in August, we’ll see how that goes.

    Myself, I have absolutely zero interest in getting an iPhone. I’m leaning towards the HTC Desire from Telus.

  • yha

    ….. perhaps because they don’t want it…?
    Personally, I think iPhone4 is a failure even though 3G & 3GS were very successful. There are many good alternative phones out there now. It’s not like two years ago when nothing could compete against iPhone3G

  • Britbloke

    Are people even allowed to line up considering it’s a mall location? Don’t they close the doors to the mall late at night?

  • J.B.

    Umm, I sure hope you realize that you have to outright buy the iPhone 4 from Apple and then lock it to one of the BIG 3. So $649 for 16GB and $779 for 32GB. You aren’t going to see many lines for people who want to spend $700-$800 on a phone (maybe down in the states where the people are really dumb). If Apple where selling the iPad or some new iSomething (that is not a phone) then you would see lineups like we had for the iPad, etc.

    But unlike in the states where their Apple stores can sell the subsidized price for the iPhone because of AT&T, they will get people lined up. I highly doubt that many people in Canada will be lining up to spend that kind of money on a phone, when they can get a laptop or an iPad for the same price. (but their will be some people lined up because it is an Apple product, and then they will be on camera and on the news and be like “hey, ive been waiting in line since yesterday and i just spent $800 on a phone. look at me mom, im on the news.” (*shakes head*)

    • andrew

      you are an i***t.

  • Alex

    Toronto has an Eaton Centre, Montreal has an Eaton Centre. Toronto has a Fairview shopping mall, Montreal has a Fairview shopping mall…

    WHY!?! Are there not enough names?

  • Gere

    @Britbloke – Toronto Eaton Centre never has its doors locked, though the stores close at night. It was built over an existing street/laneway and as a result remains open to walk through at anytime as if the street is still there.

  • RNM

    to J.B.,

    Get your facts right. Seems like you haven’t been into an Apple store in quite a while, and are completely ignorant of the fact that Apple stores can sell the iPhone at the carrier’s subsidized price.

  • Diz

    Will the iPhone 4 come with a quick fix for their antennae problem? If not, I’m definately not interested.

    Then again, I’m an Android fan all the way. If I can find a way to put Android on an iPhone, I’ll get one.

  • Ryan Waddell

    @J.B. As somebody else already mentioned, Apple Stores can sell the iPhone at the subsidized carriers price. And if you buy the unsubsidized phone, the whole point is that you DON’T have to lock it in to one of the big carriers. You can use it on ANY of them, contract free. Hell, you could use it on a pay as you go (buy why, oh WHY would you?)

    I think the reason that people aren’t lining up yet is exactly as mentioned above. Nobody knows what the HUP details are yet, so why would you wait in line for hours and hours only to find out that you don’t qualify for a cheaper phone? I know that I wouldn’t. I’m just going to swing by a couple local Rogers stores before work tomorrow morning, see the lay of the land, and maybe check out Future Shop at lunch. If I don’t get one on day one, I’m not too concerned.

  • Jeff Smith

    So here is the real question, when is the HTC desire going on sale?

  • Ryan Waddell

    Oh, and @Diz – yes, it’s called a free bumper case. 🙂

    I’m a huge Android fan too, actually, but I’m holding off until my next upgrade to switch over. There just isn’t quite the range of competitors in the Android market for me right now (I have no interest in the X10, and I can’t wait until the mythical Rogers Galaxy S comes out – it’ll probably end up being the crippled AT&T one with no front facing camera any way).

  • J.B.

    @ RNM

    I’m assuming you are either an american or have been living under a rock the past 3 years. Only has it been in the past month that you can even purchase an iPhone through the Canadian Apple Store (iPhone 3GS at $549.99). Canadians could never buy iPhones from Apple, subsidized or not, because Apple wouldn’t sell them in Canadian Apple Stores.

    Thats why I said, if you read my comment, in the States, you can go to an Apple Store and get it for the subsidized price because AT&T have exclusive rights to the iPhone, thereby allowing all Apple Stores to carry AT&T activation connections. In Canada, we now have 3 telecoms that sell the iPhone (when the iPhone3G came out it was only out on Rogers, but even then, you could only get the phone from Rogers, not at any Apple Store). Plus, none of the Canadian Apple Stores have access to activation connections, so just how could you get an iPhone for a subsidized price?

  • SG

    Well we are less than 24hrs from release and all five carriers and apple have yet to release prices or upgrade policies.

    I don’t think that’s a great way to build excitement or promote the product.

    There has been zero promotion.

  • h0p3r

    You can’t possibily expect people to lineup for a product that no OFFICIAL pricing has been released for.

  • Chzplz

    JB – just to clarify – You absolutely could, and still can, buy carrier subsidized phones from the physical apple store. The apple stores were essentially acting as agents of the wireless companies, and offered all their deals. They would pull out a phone, sign you up for a plan, activate and carrier lock the phone, take your money, and hand over the phone.

    You couldn’t, and can’t, get subsidized phones directly from the apple online store. You could reserve one and then you had to go pick them up at the physical apple store.

  • Diz

    @Ryan – I’m more concerned that Samsung will refuse to support the device after it debuts here in Canada…just like the original Galaxy. I own one, and I can’t upgrade ANYTHING.

    Oh, and are the bumper cases available already? Will the suckers who line up today to buy one get one with their devices?

    I still wanna get one and put Android on it.

  • J.B.

    @ Chzplz

    Are you sure? cause from what I’ve always known, you cannot get subsidized phones from the Apple Store (whether online or in store). Cause when iPhone 3G launched, you could only get them at Rogers, no where else. When 3GS came out, it became Bell, Telus and Rogers, still no Apple Store (online or in-store). So unless something has changed in the past month or so that I have not heard of yet, you can only buy iPhones outright from Canadian Apple Stores (online and in-store) I have never seen or heard of anyone walk into an Apple Store in Canada and walk out with an “activated” phone.

    Now, in BC we have a local Apple Specialist chain of stores called Simply Computing ( and you can walk in their and walk out with an iPhone activated (only on Rogers)..But as far as Apple stores, I have never seen or heard of anyone getting an iPhone on a contract from an actual Apple Store (Only boughten outright).

  • wildspin

    I was at the Eaton Centre Apple store just 10 minutes ago, they don’t know whether they will sell at a subsidized price yet so who said yes?

  • RNM


    Seriously, stop spewing misinformation. It is NOT just in the past month that Apple has sold iPhones to consumers through their Canadian retail outlets. Back in November when Bell/Telus released their HSPA network, they had iPhones on display in the stores that showed subsidized pricing. Upon seeing the table placards advertising such prices, my cousin proceeded to activate a 32GB 3GS on Bell for $299.

  • obscured

    Wildspin, how was the lineup 10 mins ago?

  • Sid

    I think the reason people aren’t lining up is that the know the HTC Desire is coming out real soon. I have my sleeping bag and burning barrel ready so I can line up for that one. iPhone is so yesterday, Android is the new Fonzie!

  • Romes

    boughten?? aahaha I like that one!
    …HTC Desire FTW, when it comes out I’ll be all over it, bye bye BB!!!!!

  • wildspin

    @obscured: the store was packed but there’s no line for the iphone because the mall will be closed overnight. I asked the store guys whether I could order online, curiously their answer is also “don’t know”. Whether they really don’t know or someone told them to shut up … I have no idea.

    I also asked if I buy the handset from the store whether they will give me a bumper on spot, the guy asked me where I heard it from. :p

  • Anthony


    You have been able to buy subsidized iPhones at Apple stores since the 3GS launch, I bought mine from the Apple store in the Eaton Centre last year. They sell phones for all the carriers and have access to their systems to activate phones for new and existing customers. At the time of launch it was Rogers and Fido only, since Bell and Telus didn’t have their 3G network ready at the time.

    For the iPhone 4 you will be able to purchase unlocked phones from the Apple Store at full price that will NOT be locked to a carrier. You can then use it with any carrier you wish to obtain service from. You can also purchase carrier subsidized phones and HUP phones based on your eligibility.

    Unfortunately, nobody knows what the carriers are going to offer, which is probably why nobody is bothering to line up.

  • ai4281

    @ J.B. I think you have your information all wrong. Bunch of my friends bought iPhones from an Apple Store with full carrier subsidies. It’s always been that way AFAIK.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for the iPhone. I have a Milestone, but I’m buying the iPhone for my mother. Definitely going to play around with it a lot though 🙂

  • Jeff Smith

    Speaking of the Desire when is it coming out? I read Aug 3rd

  • mdonalds72

    I just checked out Rogers’ new online calculator to see what type of subsidy I’m entitled too if I upgrade to the iPhone4. I can get the iPhone4 for the low low price of $649….yeah, I don’t think so.

  • apowerranger

    who cares?

  • rzz

    there’s a few factors at play in my opinion, primarily the fact early adopters that stand in such lines pretty much all have the 3GS already, it’s running iOS4 pretty well, and many of them are very happy with it. There’s been a fair amount of bad to luke-warm press about the iPhone 4, not many people seem to be really excited about it except Apple themselves. Then there’s the fact that there are way more competitive alternatives to the iPhone out there now and on the near horizon primarily in the form of Android devices that have a much faster life cycle and are constantly being innovated upon by multiple vendors. Personally I’m eagerly awaiting the Samsung Galaxy S Pro, assuming it will show up in Canada at some point.

  • J.B.

    Ok. I guess I was wrong, and I’m man enough to admit it. I honestly thought that none of the Apple Stores in Canada could sell the iPhones at each of the carriers prices (subsidized or not) and plans, but I was wrong as some of my friends told me they got their iPhone 3GS from the Apple Store (which means, this has been going on ever since Bell and Telus launched thier HSPA Networks).

    So I apologize for my above comments, as I had no idea this changed and had no idea that Apple Canada started doing this, cause AFAIK you could only get the iPhones from the Carriers.

    So now, I guess we can talk about Rogers Plans, as they have been the only ones to release any information thus far. Anyone else besides me think that their iPad sharing plan at $20 is a rip-off??

  • Deez

    Pricing is 199.99 and 299.99 you f****n’ twats. Stores started to get merchandising elements early this week and that has been leaked a million places so kill the “they haven’t even released a price” bullshit PLEASE.

    People aren’t lined up because the bad PR has people thinking they can just walk in and get one from anywhere without question and there’s no need to line-up this time around.

    News flash…they are in short supply pretty much everywhere so if you really do want the phone, stop being a douche and line-up already.

  • Jesse

    Just went to eaton centre around 830 pm and there’s a line of ~15 people

  • matt

    Yep, I walked by around closing time and I saw about 15 people or so….some could have been just hanging around too, but I’ll be back around 3am to join the line…first a few zzzz’s

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  • theconcertaholic

    If your eligible – which many people are…. this is what Rogers says inside the account once logged in..

    “You are eligible to upgrade to an iPhone 4 at $159 for the 16GB or $269 for 32GB, each with a 3 year term voice and data plan. See Legal Disclaimer below or in-store for full details and conditions.”

    Get a free bumper and be on the road with one of the best phones on the market for less than $200 tax in? That’s the no brainer…sleep is way over rated

  • Creative Thunder

    Well It is 4 am and I am sitting outside the Queen street doors with a line up of over 106 people.

  • Dino


    “Get a free bumper and be on the road with one of the best phones on the market for less than $200 tax in? That’s the no brainer…sleep is way over rated”

    How do you get a free bumper when you get an HTC Desire? You are saying one of the best phones on the market for less than 200 tax in, it really is a no brainer which phone you should get. The Desire is gonna be 79.99 and I’ll be camping out for it.

  • Mitch

    Some people don’t have much to do or a life.

  • Jesse

    For those who waited in line… I walked into apple the day after launch and purchased an iPhone 4 at eaton centre. In and out in less than 15 minutes. I know now that t’s kind of g*y to sleep outside overnight for something that millions of people already have and will be widely and commonly available in the coming days/weeks.

  • John

    @ Jesse I am g*y and take great offence to your use off the word g*y due to the negative connotation in the way you have used it. GROW UP!