Top 5 Bada apps for the Samsung Wave revealed

The Samsung Wave was released here in Canada a few weeks ago (available on Rogers and Bell). It’s operates off Samsung’s new OS called Bada. It’s selling incredibly well as they announced over 1 million devices have been sold in 4 short weeks.

But what apps are Wave owners downloading? Well, Samsung has revealed the tops 5 apps being downloaded via SamsungApps and missing is the number of times an app has been downloaded (would be a good indication of adoption). In addition, there are no major app developers on board yet… perhaps Android is the way to go here??

Top Five Global Apps on bada
1. SouthAfrica2010 (Developed by Mubaloo)
2. Hit My Boss (Developed by Rightbrain Communications)
3. Reaction Test (Developed by ABC Solution)
4. Basket Ball (Developed by Uangel)
5. Brain Training (Developed by bluepin)

Check it out here over at Samsung
Via: IntoMobile