Quick Contest: Selection of SIM cards up for grabs


  • Peter

    SIM cards? I’ll take em!

  • Harvey

    Sick, I need a bell sim card!!!

  • Wayne

    SWEET! Wind SIM cards. 😀

  • Zachary Serson

    I’d like to win,
    Zach Serson.

  • Maryam

    Please! Me =)

  • Johnny Frederiksen

    Please me…

  • Glenn McCready

    Sign me up for a Telus SIMS card.

  • j rottgen

    Hey I could use a telus or bell sim card. I’m going to switch from wind.

  • Ashley

    i’ll take them too

  • Naveed

    I’d like to win a WIND Mobile SIM card. Actually, I need twwo WIND Mobile SIM cards.

  • Ken MacEachern

    I can always find a home for SIM cards

  • Ammon Bodie

    Ammon Bodie

  • Jeremy

    SIM cards? I need one please!

  • Umberto

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Brian

    Great contest! I hope I win!

  • Dale

    Nice! A Telus SIM please!

  • sean

    I’ll take one!

  • Mike

    I could use a Wind sim card or two.

  • Jon Jennings


    (Do you get extra points for a comment which is legitimately all caps?)

    (err – apart from that bit. And this bit)

  • MuRaNo

    thanks !

  • Ganesh K

    Count me in

  • Jennifer Caley

    Jennifer Caley

  • Kathryn

    *raises hand* I’ll take one!

  • Gregory Jean

    I want a Telus SIM card

  • Neil M

    Sim Card collection.

  • Nelson M

    freeeee !!!! never say no to anything for free

  • Blair M

    id like to get rid of CDMA on BEll, sign me up!

  • chris r

    Sim me!

  • JD. Marcellin

    Same here!

  • Malek

    I want a Bell SIM

  • Joel L

    Why not!

  • Raminder

    I want to win one.Please and thanku

  • Michael Ye

    I always wanted to try the new networks.

  • Mike Gough

    Sounds good to me.

  • Sebastien Coulombe

    Any Micro SIM cards from Bell for the Ipad or the Iphone 4 ???

  • John Rose

    My wife will love a SIM CARD! will mean she can activate her unlocked UK phone…yes please.

  • Daniel Krueger

    Entry point.

  • M. Oreto

    sure why not. grab a SIM, grab a phone and go nuts!

  • Colin

    SIM cards!! One please!

  • Jordan Harris

    Jordan Harris

  • Meshach David

    Meshach David
    Wind Mobile Sim card Please!

  • Mathieu

    I don’t understand this contest? Does the SIM-cards come with pre-paid plan?

  • Serge

    Free stuff!

  • Aaron

    Could use a sim card from bell to replace my crappy phone!

  • Fuzz

    I win!!

  • Coldbones

    Good. No Rogers.

  • shaun

    A Bell or a Telus one would be perfect, sadly no Wind in Atlantic Canada.

  • Amber

    Amber. There. I entered my name! 😉

  • Larkin

    I am now entering his name in this section! Yay

  • James

    yes please!

  • Edson Lai

    why not 🙂

  • mommakoala

    Thank you. This is quick and easy.

  • Martin

    Over here!

  • James Lui

    I want! But whats on these SIMs?

  • Jason Bayer

    I’ll take a WIND SIM Card please!

  • Johnny Lai

    SIM SIM here I am!

  • Phil

    Cool! I’ll take a Bell Sim card.

  • Suraj

    I’d like one Please.

  • Matthew Homen

    I would like to win one.

  • Andrew

    A Bell SIM please!

  • Wes

    Aaaahhh, yes , simcards @ mobile syrup where else would you find them.

  • zach green

    i would love a bell sim card.

  • Dave

    yes please!

  • Phil

    I’ll take a Bell SIM card!

  • Jordan K

    I could use a Telus card with the Desire coming..

  • Victor Wung

    WINd sim card!!!

  • Jordan K

    I could use a new phone..

  • oscar maldonado

    I need that

  • David Pincock

    Hooray for sim cards!

  • Dmitri Kondratev

    Me please.

  • Paolo

    I’ll take the TELUS or Bell sim.

  • Justen F


  • Mitchell M

    I would love a telus Sim card 🙂

  • Dennis J

    wouldn’t mind an extra

  • Aalok Chokshi

    A Telus sim card please for the HTC Desire.

    I also follow mobile syrup on twitter.

    fantastic site and keep up the good work.

  • Cloclo

    A TELUS one please!

  • Stuart

    I really want one! Please!

    I might cry if I don’t!!!

  • Jason

    pass one over =)

  • Raphael Cardin

    Telus SIM coming this way!

  • Jordan Hogan

    Could use a TELUS and/or Bell SIM card. 🙂

  • cass_m

    I’ll take a Rogers one for travelling in SK.

  • Aadil


  • Justin

    Wind sim plz!! Or any!

  • David Jeffrey

    David Jeffrey

  • james

    I’ll take a bell sim card. Thanks!!

  • Adam Wilson

    your name

  • Joseph Puchniak

    i want to win any sim

  • caleb

    Wind one please

  • Peter R.

    Bell SIM please.

  • Werner

    I’m looking at switching. Could definitely use a SIM Card.

  • Raymond Lee

    I would take a wind or telus sim card!

  • Thomas


  • Andrey M.

    sim card, please.

  • Simon Ha

    I’ll take one too

  • Matt P


  • Galo R.

    Galo R.

  • Lee Peltz

    I wouldn’t say no to a Bell or Telus SIM card!

  • Matt C

    yes please

  • Mike

    bell please…well actually, it does not really matter because im going to sell it anyway

  • Chris Sosnowski


  • Manav Maheshwary

    Manav Maheshwary

  • Rustom S

    sim cards

  • Jerome Westmaas

    please and thank you!

  • najib

    Wind or telus?
    i will go for Wind

  • Ed_K

    Oooo, I need a Bell SIM Card!

  • Dustin

    A telus sim card would be great!~

  • Andrew Stilwell

    I could totally use a sim card. Pleae and thank you.

    Andrew Stilwell

  • Rada Elladan

    I’m in.

  • lance

    i’l take em

  • devin lamothe

    Amber lamps

  • brian

    me too!!!!!!!
    thanx brian

  • Timothy Gee

    I need one please!!

  • Breezee

    What ever company’s SIM, I don’t mind having one …

  • Nektarios T

    Nektarios T

  • Richard

    I want to benchmark the networks in Montreal! I will take them please!!

  • Michael Rodrigues

    Some Telus sims would go perfect for my iPhone 4 micro sim experimentation!

  • Alex

    I’m In!

  • Christopher

    can i have a sim card. i have an unlocked phone( iphone 4) but i don’t have a sim card.

  • Jess

    Did you say free? Ummmm. I like free.

  • Emil Fernandes

    Currently with Telus. May end up with Wind. Thanks!

  • Lee D.


  • Chris

    Gonna buy a WIND phone, but I want to use TELUS Pre-paid for now. That means I need a TELUS sim card.

    Thanks for the chance to win one.

  • Bob Benedetti

    Me me me

  • Fate

    Telus for me please.

  • george s

    wind sim or a bell sim card thanks

  • Lucas Ross

    I’m in

  • Marcel B.

    a Telus sim would be nice…

  • lou00

    Sign me up for a Telus SIMS card

  • armiya

    oh nice can i get a wind one plaese!!!!!

  • Adrian Smith


  • v dub


  • Zachary Serson

    Telus SIM card would be quite nice. Planning on making the switch very soon.
    Zach Serson

  • Mo Shahrokni

    I would love a telus card please!

  • Dipak

    please and thanks !

  • cary well

    would love a bell sim card

  • Samuel Maskell

    I suppose I may as well enter

  • Larry

    Telus or Bell.Thanks you guys are GREAT.

  • Stephen

    Bell Or Telus please! No Wind Mobile where I Am.

  • Kevin V

    Count me in!

  • Jesse Blake

    Jesse Blake.

    Wind would be preferred. : )

  • Muhammad Farooq


  • Max

    FREE FREE FREE again

  • Zeel

    I would like a Wind Sim Card!!!

  • Jeffrey M

    Telus for the Win

  • Charles Ferland

    The Bell one seems to be the right for me!

  • Jamie reid

    Cool.. Pick. Me pls

  • Dan Thibeault

    Bell or Telus sim would be great! Just moved to a new area with no Rogers service and need a new one.

  • invader rim

    TELUS PLEASE lol marvin r

  • Murray

    I’d love to get my hands on a TELUS sim card so that if Rogers exclusively launches the 9800, I can buy it full price, unlock it and pop a TELUS sim in! WHOO!

  • midtoad

    yes please ma’am, indeed I would like a Telus or Bell SIM, and thank you.

  • Nadim

    Hey guys I need a Bell Sim. Thanks and good luck to all enjoy the weekend!

  • Mitchell

    Hopefully I win 🙂

  • Scott Brunet


  • Gere

    I’d like to give WIND a try! 😀

  • David James

    With that amount of SIM cards.. might as well call em chips and start snacking! 😉

  • Fred Morgenroth

    I’m in.

  • Akshdeep Bhatia

    Akshdeep Bhatia

    I would like to switch.

    Thanks Mobile Syrup!

  • Nicole

    Thanks for the great contest!

  • Tibor Szekszardi

    Wind please.

  • eugene ciabattoni

    Bell Sim sounds great!!

    thank you.

  • Young Ha An


  • ChrisK

    i love contests

  • Janine Gabriel


  • Colin Chong

    Any sim would be good!

  • Rich

    Vancouver representing~

  • Shawn

    I’d like this 🙂

  • Michael C

    awesome contest.

  • Chris Durish


  • Brandon Sharma

    please and thank you !

  • Junaid Syed

    Junaid Syed will win!

  • Kevin

    Ok, of all the stuff that you guys have been giving out on this website, I actually want this the most!

  • aidan Stewart

    i want either a telus sim card or bell sim card. Aidan Stewart

  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®

    im not in winds coverage,
    So im entering for a telus or bell sim
    but ill take what ever i win if i do…

    Thanks mobilesyrup
    you rock!!

    ” Patrick Maheux ”


  • radio2

    Here’s hoping!

  • Kyle


  • Saif

    I’ll have a Telus SIM plz.. help me switch from the CDMA network!

  • kevin cao

    ill take a bell sim card 🙂

  • Kahlie

    Telus sim card would be awesome – 🙂

  • miraldy

    hey good stufff… MOBILESYRUP NUMBER ONE

  • Bryce Hamelin

    I want the telus SIM please,

  • Thomas

    I need a Telus SIM Card ! THX

  • Alex

    I’ve got myself an new nexus one that I have yet to grab a wind mobile sim for yet.

  • Russell Mabini

    SIM card please.

  • Luc Richard


  • Elton

    I want a wind sim card!

  • Beatrice Hum

    pick me.

  • Thao Chung

    I want one. Thao Chung.

  • Hao Wong

    I’m in! Thanks!

  • Matt Darkis

    Might as well throw my name in as well.

  • Elaisha Green

    Pick me. You know you want to.


  • Jason

    If the spies story is true then that means they’re seriously evil.

    I’ll take a sim card though! Preferably one of the Wind ones but hey beggars can’t be choosers. :p

  • Andrew MacLaren

    I’d love a sim card

  • Leigh S

    Me please,

    Leigh St. Louis

  • Olivier Beaudoin

    I’m in!

  • julia

    I would love a sim card….

  • Samuel Prima

    Always good to have more…

  • bj

    Sims good… 🙂

  • waqas

    Give me wind sim card

  • masur ho

    Nice telus and wind sims sound awesome

  • Wayneson Chan

    I’m in!

  • Mark

    Good to save a few $$ helping friends sign up.

  • tri nguyen

    tri nguyen!

  • Jeff W

    SIM Cards? Sure, I can use a SIM card plzkthx.

  • Andrew B

    I’ll take a WIND Mobile one, please 🙂 Would work well with my Tmo-USA HTC HD2

  • Joey

    Hopefully I win!

  • Timothy Catibog

    Loving these new quick contests, keep ’em coming!

  • Truman Wong

    Count me in!

    Truman Wong

  • Kain

    Would love to get my hands on a Wind sim card 😀

  • Saif Rahman

    wind sim please 🙂

  • Eitan Kremer

    im in

  • Lawrence Kong

    Lawrence Kong

  • expat

    woooooo pick me, pick me, for telus sim card please

  • Matthew W

    I could use a Bell sim card

  • Rimon Moshi

    Mmmmm WIND Sim 🙂

  • Peter P

    Telus sim card for my unlocked BB Bold?!

    @peterphamm is following you on twitter.

  • Eric Hau

    anything free is nice 😀

  • Rob

    Why not?

  • Sean Phillips

    Sign me up!

  • Sean Keefe

    me please!

  • cuffzz

    Oh sims are always nice, yes please!

  • Jamal martells

    Want this

  • Matt H

    Do want, WIND SIM.

  • Kenneth Davidson

    I am in

  • Rafal Dittwald

    Wooh! WIND SIM card.

  • Mark Bernhardt

    Hahaha I need WIND sim cards badly, I keep burning through them 🙁

  • Erhan D

    wind sim please!

  • Winnie Tsang

    Please and thank you 🙂

  • Alex Dolter

    I’ll take a bell one please!

  • Ryan Waddell

    Oooh, me me me! 🙂

  • David Thacker

    David Thacker

  • Dwayne Carnochan

    Maybe I can win something here.

  • Melvin Lim

    Do want! 🙂

    Melvin Lim

  • Mark Iversen

    Seeing as Wind isn’t here yet, I’ll have to go with Telus or Bell.

    Mark Iversen

  • Willy


  • Joyce

    I have a 007 SIM that Bell refused to replace until it’s deemed “dead”. I can do with a Bell SIM!!

  • Ross Carrothers

    I could use a Telus SIM

  • Schyler

    I’ll take one

  • Alex T.

    Down for a Bell SIM card please!

  • Tyler

    ya I’ll go in on this
    Tyler McCallan

  • Hardip Jassal

    wow i never thought to see this before

  • Faisal Mohamed

    A TELUS SIM would be nice, PS Mr. Hardy, the date on the SE Naite contest does not correlate with its day of the week 🙂

  • Kevin L

    I would much appreciate a WIND SIM, please!

  • Aman Chahal

    I’m in.

  • fahdil

    me this time

  • Fluxman

    Sign me up! I’m all for more variety!

  • Cedric C

    Telus Thanks ;p !

  • Brian

    mobilesyrup.com will pick me

  • CK


  • csmike604

    Sign me up for Bell =)

  • Michael Kates

    1 bell please 🙂

  • Randy – 1

    Ooh, just remembered I hadn’t entered! I’d like to win a Bell sim as I may be switching over with my own phone.

  • Marissa

    is interested in the wind!

  • Deka Mohamed

    Wind mobile sims…..sick!

  • cass_m


  • Mithunan.V

    Hope i win

  • Nancy

    Great to have extra SIM cards!!!

  • Anderson Lo

    id love to get a wind mobile sim card!