TELUS prepping to release the INQ Chat 3G


  • Plazmic Flame

    This looks like the evil cousin of a Blackberry and Microsoft Kin device…

    The sad part is that it can have more memory than both devices combined… ouch.

  • Fred

    The future is… Going backward!

    What an ugly phone. I dont get it.

    • am

      how is this phone ugly?

  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®

    WOW telus bringing on this low end featurephone that was anounced over a year ago.. LMAO
    im sure it will sell well if priced low.
    But most owers of this did not seem pleased with this device, had alot of issues..

    Are they getting tha iNQ mini 3G Aswell?

  • Ben

    Who manufactures these atrocities?

  • Rob T.


  • Amanda Lee

    Who needs all the bells & whistles? I prefer this device over my bb that I use for work. I used while travelling in India. I’m sure telus will have a better OS and customer service.

  • B MAN

    This is exactly what I was looking for. A basic device with a full keyboard. When is this coming?

  • Wendy

    Do you need a Data plan with this?

  • hi

    omg i’m getting dis 4 xmas cant wait :L :L 😀 😀