Rogers BlackBerry 9100 gets unboxed, comes with OS


  • No_More_3_year_terms

    this phone sould go for 9.99 on 3 year and 79.99 on 2 year.. i mean 79.99 is a lot of money when u are forced to sign a 3 year both voice and data contract.. average voice plan is 40 bucks plus the 2.58 SAF (now called GRRF) and another 40 bucks for data value pack.. thats 82.58/month times 36 month = 2879.88 (3 grand).. and thats 3 grand only if the customer never goes over their day time limites or does any extra pay on their phone like ring tone etc.. so in return for a guaranteed 3 grand.. the canadian telcos should offer high end phones at 0 – 50 bucks the most. if you log into the orange uk website.. they give the iphone 3gs 32gb free.. on 18 month contract… there has to be a middle gound here.. 1st they get u with the 3 year deal then they force u to also sign a data contract and they still charge steeply for the hardware.. i net anything that rogers is not paying more than $150 per unit for this new pearl.. 😉

  • daniel

    That is why Rogers is called Robbers.

  • David

    The only way to get a fair deal in Canada (on a phone of any description) is to buy an unlocked phone online, or to purchase a locked phone in Europe and then pay the unlocking fee. Cheap Smartphones (new and refubrished)are available at EBay as well (from reliable sellers)

  • J Eng

    Where the Band 1,4,8 Pearl 9100?

  • J-M Roubos

    That is one sweet little phone!