Update: Bell to release HTC Legend June 11th?


  • Adi

    Grrrrrrrreat timing Bell ! Just after the iPhone HD will get announced on June 7th at the WWDC !! LMAO


  • EQ

    The announcement of the iPhone has nothing to do with the launch. I doubt the new iPhone will be THE phone to have. Their latest OS will bring improvements that bring it pretty much up to par with its competitors as it’s been falling behind (has always been behing actually, with no MMS, or picture editing, or video for a while). There are better phones out there, and there will always be better phones. This phone’s not bad, and will probably be cheaper than an iPhone contract

  • Sammy

    Nice looking phone!

    Rogers is really falling behind in getting new Android devices with the latest software.

    Hopefully they smarten up soon

  • Don

    I read an article recently which made a lot of sense: “Everyone who’s wanted an iPhone has an iPhone.”

    The the new version will be for the fanboys or anyone who’s looking for a new phone and see the iPhone as equally an they do an Android device or any other phone.