Even more leakage of the Bell 9100 & DEXT pricing

Thanks to a tipster who sent in an upcoming flyer to promote the Bell BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and the Motorola DEXT. The 9100 was supposed to be released on May 13th, then we were informed it was “delayed until further notice”. As you can see by the flyer it’s been slapped with a familiar “Coming Soon”. In addition, the 9100 had a 3-year price point of $29.95 but this flyer is again all whacked out and shows it ready to sell at $49.95. One thing is for sure is the no-contract price of $329.95.

Bell is also gearing up to add another Android device to their lineup. The Motorola Dext runs off OS 1.5 and will launch on Friday, May 14th. This flyer again confirms the 3-year contract price to be $79.95. The no-contract price for the Dext will be $399.95.

To get the low 3-year contract price you’ll have to also sign up for a minimum $50 monthly smartphone plan. What’s missing on both is the 2 and 1-year contract prices. But more importantly… will you be picking one of these devices up?