Acer Liquid E to launch in June for $49.99 on 3-year


  • Victor Genova

    If I buy the phone without a contract,can I get it unlocked, and then take it somwhere else? Or will I have to committ to some sort of plan in order to buy this?

  • Alex

    Ewwwww 3yr Contract……pass

  • Randy – 1

    I read that in this phone the Snapdragon is “underclocked to 768MHz”.

    Can someone explain what that means in non-tech terms? Sorry, I love my phones, but I don’t quite understand when it gets that technical. 🙂 Cheers.

  • value

    if you buy without a contract, it shouldn’t be locked to any carrier and you can use it on any GSM network in the world. To get the $49 price you have to sign a contract and the phone would be locked.

  • kmusky


    “underclocked” means that the processor on the phone has been dialled back, and it won’t reach it’s full speed. This is done to save on battery life.

  • Erik Berkun-Drevnig


    This phone uses the same 1000mhz Snapdragon processor as the Nexus One and Xperia X10 however Acer has lowered the speed which it operates to conserve battery life since the phone wouldn’t be fully utilizing the speed. Thats what underclocking is, overclocking would be to do the opposite and increase the speed.

  • Don

    Yeah, I think I’m gona switch to Rogers from Bell/SoloMobile just for the phone.

  • Jim R

    @Victor – the phone will be locked to Rogers regardless of how it’s bought. It *may* work on Fido as is, but for any other network, you will have to get it unlocked. At least, that’s how it has been in the past.

  • Alexander Ambulance

    Thinking of buying it and unlocking it for use with telus.

  • Jim R

    Note that the $349.99 no-contract price is probably the price which requires that you have a monthly plan (but no contract) with Rogers. If you want to buy the phone for use on another network you pay the “phone only – no term” cost which is usually $50 higher than the monthly no-contract price.

    For example, Rogers sells the Spica for $399.99 if you’re on a monthly plan, but the “no term” cost is $449.99.

    So if you want to buy this phone and use it on another network, you’re likely looking at $399.99 (or $424.99, if the $374.99 price indicated yesterday is the correct one). Plus, of course, the cost of unlocking it.

    Not quite as attractive as first thought, if true.

  • Trevor Tindle

    I dont like the look of it, suxxx

  • Liquid_Owner

    You could just buy it from an international dealer or off ebay for about $314 shipped unlocked. It comes with 1.6, but upgradeable to 2.1 once it is released.

  • Jim R

    @Liquid_Owner, I’m guessing your Liquid does NOT have North America 3G frequencies – meaning you’re limited to 2G. If I’m wrong, I’d love to hear the details of where you got it from.

  • xaueious

    This is THE Android phone to get!