Huawei U1250 now available at WIND for $70


  • AKA

    WOW $70 no Contract! And if I port my number I will get $150 credit as well 🙂 Nice!

  • 5Gs


    They have only extended that $150 credit till tuesday may 4, 2010. Now thats a really nice cheap phone they came out with. Now there is only one national company we can rely on and that is


  • Davyjm

    While the phone is not something I’m interested in, it’s great for people who are looking for a simple phone with basic functions. Especially the 70$ price tag, it’s really worth it.

  • Plazmic Flame

    $70 and it actually looks sleek and nice. Great color selection by WIND. I’m going to get this for my sister. So glad I didn’t jump on and Rogers or Fido prepaid stuff.

  • Joe

    $70 is still too much for a crappy locked dumbphone that only functions on WIND which has zero coverage outside a handful of cities.

  • Tom

    That’s great. Does it support Java (i.e. J2ME) apps?

  • Barbie

    … Really guys? Huawei.. really? Didn’t you learn with the other device from them? How many people returned the device… Too many to count, come on, think of another brand that’ll maybe.. work, and will get reception

  • Aaron

    This phone rocks, the price, the looking, the functionalities. i cannot believe that this such a tiny phone can do almost everything. i just bought it, i love it.

  • phone

    naah i wont be buying

  • CaptainZangetsu

    Actually Joe, its an unlock phone if you stay with wind for 1 or 3 months not sure… so your statement is false.

  • Dmitry

    Nice one, solid construction, very nice menu, very nice voice quality, nice price. Works very nice!!!

    But luck of specification and manuals for this phone

  • Jerry Young

    I like WIND and this basic phone. No contract and $70 is a good deal. I just got it two days ago and I’m trying to customize the phone, like getting rid off the browser short cut on the prompt bar and changing the ringtone. If anyone figured it out, HELP… Thanks

  • karen

    so far so good, got it on thursday and works great so far. keypad is so tiny, takes getting used to. can’t figure out picture messaging.

  • vish

    it is 38 dollars now
    plans 25 $ everything one ear