Allerta’s inPulse BlackBerry watch shipping June 8th?

Over at WES in Orlando today the crew from Waterloo-based Allerta is hanging out showing “inPulse” again. This is the world’s first BlackBerry “smartwatch” accessory. CEO of Allerta Eric Migicovsky recently said “We have prevailed! Allerta is proud to report that inPulse has entered final production, and a ship date announcement will be arriving shortly”.

No official word yet but taking a quick look at the pics that Engadget snapped shows the AMOLED display with the words “Allerta Inc. Shipping confirmation Est. Delivery: June 8. Enjoy inPulse”. So for all who paid the pre-order price of $149.00 USD this might be good news for you.

UPDATE: CrackBerry has posted a video demo of the inPulse in action… it’s below: