Bell launching BlackBerry Pearl 9100 May 13th


  • Rob

    The chart is definitely missing the Data ISPR as well. Im guessing it’ll be $100, pricing the 9100 at $29.95 on a 3-year agreement.

  • James

    Does that mean the no contract price will be roughly $329.95??

  • bb147

    Wow! That no contract price is pretty good!!

    It’s still missing data discount.. so after data discount I would say it would match Telus’ $29.99!!

  • David

    It looks like a full QWERTY keyboard; I wonder if there will be a choice……

  • mm

    That keyboard is actually a suretype keyboard, there are two letters on each key.

  • J-M Roubos

    If that is the actual regular price listed there, that is VERY good.

  • No Agenda

    What does the Prepaid price mean exactly? Unlocked or locked? And if someone were to get it on prepaid does this mean we’ll see prepaid data? Right now on the Bell-Telus 3G network ith prepaid data is unavailable.

  • chris

    looking for feed back on this phone. i love what it can do and the size is awsome i have found 1 problem when i put on my sun glasses(oakleys) there seems to bring out a dark shadow on the screen in which makes it hard to see what your typing . tried looking at other models like the curve.even the last model pearl and nothing appears, seems to only see it on this model have tried 3 phones of this model and the same thing. any answers thanks