Bell launching BlackBerry Pearl 9100 May 13th

Thanks to some friends letting us know that Bell have set a launch date of May 13th for the BlackBerry Pearl 9100.

From the internal document we received it reads “Bell is launching the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 which operates on the HSPA network and will replace its CDMA predecessor, the BlackBerry Pearl 8130… The Pearl 9100 and the Pearl 8130 have similar looks and feels but the Pearl 9100 offers many new and improved specifications including the following: improves operating system from Blackberry OS 4.5 to 5.0, operates on Bell’s HSPA network where the Pearl 8130 utilizes CDMA, supports Wi-Fi, leverages the optical trackpad technology as opposed to the trackball in Pearl 8130.”

Bell is throwing in a 2 GB microSD card and the early pricing as of today is below.  I’m sure we’ll see a drop at launch though because we’ve seen this from another internal pricing model for $79.99 and TELUS has this priced at $29.99: