Rogers price dropping devices April 15th: Bold, Spica, Eve…


  • Andrew

    Not sure if its a sign of comp or just a little “Spring Price Cleaning” but either way, good news. All of these prices make much more sense.

  • Sam

    3YRS!! NO WAY!!!!! GO WIND!!

  • Francis Mendoza

    Is this a sign of competition? Nope

  • Stephen Clark

    No, it’s a sign of the summer crop of phones coming on the market soon.

  • A. Nonymous

    if it is only 3 years, then $&#^ off Rogers.

  • Jim R

    It’s telling that the no-contract prices *never* drop, at least AFAICT.

  • Colin

    If they can afford to discount $380 on a 3 year contract, why can’t they discount $225 on a 2 year?

    As for the price drops themselves, they are no big deal. In fact the LG eve was 0 in Future Shop last week. And besides, a $30 drop isn’t even enough to offset the cost of the activation fee.

    This is just Rogers clearing the shelves.

  • M Dawood

    Price drop but still not cheap with 3 years contract. Look around and you will see Wind Mobile phones are way cheap comparing to Rogers and other.

  • Scott S

    How about Rogers drops the prices of their outrageous plans and I’ll considering signing for 3 years. Better yet drop prices and make the maximum contract 2 years and I’ll sign right away!

  • Jerry

    They had the Bold 9000 and a few of these other phones on for .99 Cents awhile ago.( on a 3 year contract ) Then I noticed they put the prices back up recently. I would wait for another sale.

  • Andrew

    Sam: You realize you can buy devices outright on Rogers too. WIND makes no sense for anyone who travels at all. Even if once a year you drive to Winnipeg to visit family you can’t use data OR voice without paying big $$$, while on any of the big 3 your data is valid anywhere in Canada for no extra charge.

    Your WIND fanboy-ism is ridiculous.

  • Unlock, now

    Call me when they start selling unlocked, unsubsidized handsets.

  • toyandme

    It has to be a slow news day when someone gets excited over a $30 discount that comes with a three year contract. What is that in terms of real savings?

    I guess it sounds better than telling customers that the cost of owning their new discounted cell phone will be 0.0001% cheaper over a 3-year period.

  • John

    All you people complain, complain, complain. If you don’t want to sign a contract, then BUY THE FUCKING PHONE. You can purchase unsubsidized handsets outside of the carrier. The problem is, you guys can’t afford it but you still expect the carrier to pay everything for you.

    Most of you are such morons that perpetuate the subsidized system. Nobody is forcing you to sign 3 years. Your ability to think for yourselves is remarkably low.