Paid apps finally available with Palm webOS 1.4.1

For those who have a Bell Palm Pre you can download the latest webOS update 1.4.1. This is the one that many owners have been waiting for as it’s now possible to buy paid apps from the App Catalog. In order to buy the paid apps Palm states that “you must use a credit card to buy applications”. Visa and MasterCard are accepted and you’ll also need to put in all your personal info such as your billing address and phone number (See pic I shot on the left).

Apps range in price and are a mixed bag – there are obviously free apps but the paid apps are all over the board and priced between $0.00, $1.25, $6.99, $4.99, $5.99, $1.50, $1.99, $2.99 etc… to the most expensive I’ve seen at $9.99. In addition, one of the best app developers out there is EA Games who make titles such as Monopoly and The Need for Speed is unfortunately not yet available in the App Catalog… but hey, it’s great to see paid apps finally here.

To download this go to the Updates section on your Pre, in addition, check out the entire list of changes over here at Palm

Via: PreCentral