Samsung Corby Plus hitting Rogers soon


  • xaueious

    Why is this phone so ugly…

  • Eric Hau

    Less equipped… does that mean just phone and charger only? Or there are hardware changes too?

  • RogersGuy

    @ xaueious – Who cares?? It’s a $129.99 qwerty/touch phone. Have you seen the other prepaid options right now with Rogers?? If anything, it’s a great 2nd/backup phone.

  • Nico

    So, is this almost identical to the Corby Pro? Or is the screen .02″ smaller? Cause I thought the Pro was 2.8″?
    And I suppose the Corby Plus is only 2G? Might be an ok phone of it was 3G.

  • Dereck

    It’s ugly… I would never buy this phone… What a waste of money… I would rather get something that is cheaper and much more attractive…

  • friend

    wow derick you sound more like a hommo than an interestead cell buyer in all honesty this is prolly like the best phone on the market thats not a smart phone it is pimped, samsung left nothing out. i think your just using your eyes too much and need to really just use your brain, knowledge is power man. and this device has all the know how brother!