“Palm is essentially an accelerating death spiral”… analysts target shares to hit $0.00


  • David M

    Maybe they shouldn’t have made an ultra modern smartphone CDMA…
    Just a thought, but seems like a no-brainer to me.

  • Frederic

    They can do it. Their OS is a killer. Apple did it before.

    Only they’ll have to release the da*mn phone to other carriers than Bell and Verizon someday.

    What takes them so long ?

  • Colin

    They need to quit the exclusivity to one carrier bull and start makng their phones one every carrier

  • Arshad

    You guys have to remember that still have 1.5million units to clear out of their wearhouse before they can start making GSM or HSPA version of these great phones. They even halted their manufacturing until all that is cleared out, and apparently that’s 6-month’s worth of inventory.

    So we won’t be seeing an HPSA or GSM version of this phone for a very very VERY long time. Let’s just hope Palm lasts that long to see the day when they are able to release them in those version.

    Palm tried an Apple move with the exclusive operators but forgot to take into consideration that Apple had the App store to back them up, and were proactive about it, where Palm’s got nothing in their ‘market’ that shows Palm is serious about their phone anymore.

  • cass_m

    This is so sad.