Apple states they should be seen as a “mobile-device company”

Apple’s COO Tim Cook a keynote speakers at Goldman Sachs’ annual tech conference in San Francisco and he has given a bit more clarification on what the Apple brand means and how it’s a big shift from a simple computer company.

Cook was asked how we should think about Apple from now on… Cook’s answer: “Yes, you should definitely look at Apple as a mobile-device company. We believe we are uniquely positioned for success in the mobile world because we can seamlessly integrate hardware and software.” Cook continues to say that “the vast majority of Apple’s revenues” come from either mobile devices or the content for those.

You have to admire a company who was once on the brink of folding to come back and re-invent themselves and basically an entire market. Touchscreen devices were not cool or useful until Apple released the iPhone. Application stores were basically nowhere to be found and they are well over a billion dollar business.

Do you see Apple as a “mobile-device company”?

Via: WSJ