WIND Mobile hires “ninja engineers from the competitors”

WIND Mobile launched back in December in Toronto and Calgary and plan to offer their service in Ottawa and Edmonton by the end of February. They have hired well over 700 people and in an article in the Globe CEO Ken Campbell states “We have hired some ninja engineers from the competitors … I know for a fact that we have got some very sharp talent from the incumbents”.

Campbell says that the “ninja” characteristics refer to the employees mental agility, problem-solving ability and appetite for innovation because “there are certain solutions that you need to figure out for customers… The technology doesn’t always work. You can’t just plug and play. The scope and flexibility we give them as a startup is just so much more interesting than what you would get at a larger company. We just have to, because we are small and we have to be agile.”

We just hope these ninja engineers bring the Nexus One to Canada soon!