Nokia updates N900 specs with “Canadian” language

Back in January Graham Kingma, Head of Call Centre Operations at Wind Mobile wrote on the company blog that “the N900 and iPhone are hot topics within the community and other forums…and at WIND as well: I’m excited about these too! We obviously want to provide you with the phones that you want… As we expand, and as more and more operators evolve, too, more handsets will become available and we’ll carry them. Specifically for the N900 – which does work on our network – we hope to have the phone in early 2010“.

For those who are looking to this get stellar device a very small advancement has been made when it comes to specifications. Taking a look over at the Nokia site shows the “Canadian French” has been added to the “Language support” section. Again a very small step but we could be getting closer to an official release soon. In the end it boils down to Nokia and Wind coming to some sort of agreement… and this probably depends on how quickly Wind gets their network built up to offer more Canadians their service.

Check out the video we got from CTIA last year of the N900 in action… If/when the N900 comes out, who’s picking one up?

More here at Nokia
(Thanks Ken!)