WIND Nokia N900: “we hope to have the phone in early 2010”


  • Nadeem Khan


  • TrickyD

    Hellooo new phone and carrier.

  • Adam F

    unlocked i hope 🙂

  • Nadim

    I rather see WIND make a comment on the Nexus one

  • ainyul

    no one has made a comment on the N1 yet; give it time…

  • Kristie

    Hmmm -why would I buy this $$$ phone and then run it on a 5th rate network? Already returned my Bold 9700 cuz I couldn’t get enough signal in my house, office or even on the street outside … Finally got signal when i roamed over to the Wind “away” zone, aka their roaming partner — but since they charge $4,000 a gb for their away zone, I didn’t use it too much …