Bell Storm 9530 now $249.95 with no contract


  • Qball

    Hope Telus follows suit!

  • Pederson

    The Pearl Flip is also this weirdly low price. Must be making room for the part 2’s.

  • Blair M.

    yeah i saw that last week! its a great deal! no 3 year contract just get the 15 buck a month im and e-mail on top of your voice plan and use wifi!

  • Blair M.

    well i guess it dosen’t have wifi. oh well

  • Brian

    Gotta love watching the prices of phones drop.


    welliot mobilesyrup totaly ignored me, bell is allso selling off there htc’s
    HTC Touch Diamond – No Conact $149.95 !
    HTC Touch Dual – No Contract $99.95 !
    Now that’s some price drops! lets hope they will be releacing some new HTC’s


    Palm pre is $350


    Wait it changed back

  • A. Nonymous

    Am I the only one when he visits at night and some days, it seldom works?

  • Julia

    Im pretty sure I mentioned this on Mobilesyrup almost a week ago on the “BlackBerry Storm 9530 now $0.00 at Bell” on January 23rd. thanks Mobilesyrup…

  • Sean Harrison

    I read this last week and picked up a Storm to replace my Pearl which is still under a 2 yr contract. Awesome upgrade for 249 bucks and under my 35/month voice data plan. Good luck getting one though. I think I got one of the last few remaining in Halifax. Most dealers are sold out and not planning to get more. I’ll sell my Pearl for 200 bucks on Kijiji and this will only cost me 50 bucks and taxes ! WOOT !