Rogers Magic “taken off the shelf” due to 911 software fix


  • Jason Elias

    This is what happens when Phone companies tamper with the phone putting their own little touches ( I.E. Bell Samsung Instinct). At least they are recalling it but refund would be the best thing.

  • mkm87

    Does that mean that I should call Rogers and ask them to refund me back 911 fee for each month since I got HTC Magic? Because if I wasn’t able to dial 911 with GPS before, why did they charge me for it?


    have fun getting a refund.. “But I Would credit you tha $6 bucks back” lmao & as far as I know there was No recall.. they just stopped selling them untill they Fix tha issue as there technically defective


    sorry I guess tha max you could be asking for with that request Would be $3.50 if you got it at launch! lmao if they refuse then that’s stupid.. lol as far as refunding tha COST of tha Device… I Would ke to see it

  • Koolaid drinker

    Mkm87 try it…. Let’s see .50x8months= if you want to spend an hour on the phone with Rogers for 4 buxs have fun.

  • Danny Geromi

    Completely fed up with the way Rogers is handling this. How is this a software update issues?

    It definitely isn’t an issue where a “warning” would solve everything. I sincerely believe that a recall should be put in place, or some sort of compensation, such as a free upgrade to the LG Eve (given that the problem doesn’t exist)

  • Samuel Maskell

    @Danny Geromi – that’s hardly an upgrade. I want an x10 or something..

    does anyone know if this would affect rooted users running custom roms? I would assume not but it would be a network issue that would affect any android device..

  • Danny Geromi

    i’m being realistic/reasonable in the sense that, i’m asking for compensation for the fact that customers right now should be given some sort of solution immediately to rectify the situation. The X10 is quite far from being launched at Rogers, but just to give that peace of mind to current Magic/Dream users, there should be some sort of replacement process with another Android device (if the LG Eve doesn’t have this issue).

    Rooted users don’t have this problem. It is not a network issue. Basically, when you call 911, the phone tries to be “smart” and uses the GPS to locate where you are, and possible even send this info to emergency services (I think this is only available in the US), and during this process, the phone crashes.

  • bj

    It is a 1.5 issue that Google fixed last year, back in September.

    Any 1.6 based ROM will have the fix. Some 1.5 based ROMs may have the fix.

    What is even more concerning is that Google fixed the issue a long time ago. Either Rogers knew about the issue and has been ignoring it (a la Ford Pinto) or are incompetent and did not know about it.

    They were notified by end users last year of the issue (proof in the form of recorded conversations exists over on Howard Forums).

  • Dizzy

    Wow that’s great…I can only imagine it:

    Wife: Honey, there was an accident! Call 911!

    Husband: Hold on a sec, sweetie, let me just disable the GPS on my HTC phone. Now how do you do that…?

    It’s all bullshit.

  • Eric Hau

    “Urgently working on software upgrade”?

    I belive this problem happened in October!!!

    Why is it taking this LONG…

    I guess someone would have to die for Rogers to do something…

  • theninjasquad

    Why are they putting the upgrade plan on hold? This doesn’t impact the upgrade since both phones have the issue. Since they are forcing customers to start a new three contract, you’d think they could move it along. I think these people would like to not be with Rogers for any longer then they have to.

  • Mike C

    Just updated my Magic with the new software update posted Jan. 22, 2010! No issues! (so far)

  • Dennis

    I applied for the “upgrade” on the 19th of January. The Magic got “pulled off shelves” on the 20th. I got sent a SIM chip in the mail on the 21st and all rogers can tell me is that they cant do anything for me. I am stuck with a Dream that I can never upgrade and I might get an email letting me know when I can pay to upgrade to the magic when they get it fixed. Total bullshit.

  • Billy Blaze

    We have 2 HTC Dream pieces of crap. Even before the update the battery on my wifes phone never really held a great charge. I even downloaded an app off the market called TaskPanel to kill ALL the tasks running in the back ground that ALWAYS seem to run on the HTC dream. Great way to get customers to bu extra batteries and run up their data usage since the browser will stay open the first time you launch it, or when ever you start up the phone etc.

    Anyways, this was just the start of the problems, now after doing the ROM upgrade to 1.6, my wifes phone will not hold a charge for more than 4 hours on stand by if she is lucky, and most of the time she can’t make any calls out or her texts come back as not sent and her 3G keeps going out. So I called tech support and this one really rude brown guy said it was a problem because I was using the old sim card from my previous cell phone from Rogers, so I installed the new sim card and had it activated again, and the problems have got even worse…” Ya, cause it was the sim card right ???” What a bunch of phucking clowns. I think that Rogers figured they had to go and tinker with the ROM to make it their own and in the process phucked up the ROM and phucked all of their 45000 HTC clients in the process. so at this point, I actually got a decent tech guy on the phone to talk with, and he is sending out another HTC Dream, but I bet you it will have the same problems. Before I made the calls to tech support, I did everything imaginable to trouble shoot the pice of crap, but no luck. when my contract comes up for renewal, I am pulling the whole account with those phucks, which is over $225.00 a month for ALL of my services and going with another company.

    I can hardly wait to see what WIND Mobile is going to do over the next few years, I am going to be keeping a real close eye on their movement and progress, and I hope everyone does the same.

    Worse case situation is that we will pay the fee to get out of the contracts and pull the accounts early and phuck Rogers. I will buy better phones upfront with another provider and pay as I go.

    The rule of thumb I have always lived by is that…At the end of the day a business can add up the profits and smile, but they can never add up the losses, because they do not know what they are, but in the long run may just find out the hard way when they go under.


    “The Blaze has spoken” LOL!