WIND explains why their devices are locked for 3 months

Chris Robbins, CCO of Wind Mobile briefly explains why they do offer unlocked devices, but only after 3 months of service.

He states “But progress is a tricky business, especially when you’re talking about locked phones. I would love to offer WIND phones unlocked at the time of purchase, but the only way for unlocking to work is at an industry level. If we were to be the only ones to introduce unlocked handsets, competitor’s dealers and other distributors could buy out all of our inventory (as our retail pricing is often lower than what they pay) and we’d have no inventory for our customers. This can also happen with US or foreign dealers coming to buy out stock. Hence, our phones are locked for the first 3 months”

Makes sense as they have to make money somehow. WIND has stated several times they’re not making money on the handsets and selling them for the cost price.