What are your mobile predictions for 2010?

2009 was a banner year for wireless in Canada… but what does 2010 hold? We’ve put a number of questions together that we’re curious about. I’m sure you have your own predictions and questions. Let us know what you think will happen this year…

Will this be the year that Bell and TELUS merge? (We don’t think so)
Will Rogers hold on the rank as being the carrier with the most subscribers?
Who will actually be the most reliable network?
Will WIND Mobile, Dave Wireless, Public Mobile or Videotron actually bring more competition?
Will Canada step up and be a dominant player in wireless?
Will our cellphone rates drop?
Will customer service improve?
Will Solo Mobile be axed so Bell will only focus on improving Virgin Mobile?
What will be the actual name of Dave Wireless when they launch?
Will Microsoft buy Palm?
How many subscribers will WIND Mobile, Dave Wireless and Public Mobile bring on in 2010?
What are the devices you are expecting to see in 2010?
Will Android become the OS of choice, overtaking Windows Mobile?
Which manufacturer will lead in Canadian sales: HTC, LG, Nokia, Apple, Samsung, RIM, Palm, Motorola?
Will Koodo Mobile start selling smartphones, if so which ones?
Will mobile banking/payments start gaining popularity?
Will Globalive launch another wireless brand other than WIND Mobile?