WIND now offering SIM cards for free


  • Fobok

    Now if only they’d expand their home zones outside of the big cities.

  • Mark (Ontario Canada)

    What a concept, a company that listens to their customers!

  • jim

    Very nice. I’m so impressed that a wireless company in Canada is actually trying to do good for it’s customers.

    Before WIND was around it’s been the exact OPPOSITE for years.

  • Isaiah Copon

    Perfect for the Google Nexus One.

  • Meshach David

    Does this mean you can put a WIND sim card in an iPhone and it will work??

  • Joe8448

    A brilliant move on their part… This addresses their biggest weakness – their poor selection of phones…

    They need to release a list of compatible devices… I want to see what Android phones will work.

  • john77

    When I got wind, they asked for 25 for the sim..