Bell promos seem off a few years… say from 2005

bell-promo.ngCheck out TELUS and Rogers promos now and you’ll find yourself a good deal. The Hero for $49.99, Bold 9000 in White for $0.99, even the LG Eve for under a buck. Something tells me that Bell is wondering how they afford those prices.

Not to be so blunt but the current Bell promotions that last until the end of the year are honestly nothing special. These “amazing” phones are not amazingly priced. You can get a Pre for $99.95 on a 3-year, couple year old Curve 8330 for $49.95 and even a device that should have been priced at $0.00 to start with is still $29.95.

Perhaps it’s me, but these don’t get me rushing in… how about you?