Quick review: Duracell Pocket USB Charger

duracell-usb-chargerHere’s one of the quickest reviews that I’ll ever do, but it could very well be the most powerful when it comes to an accessory. I very rarely talk about my personal life because it’s personal. However, this review has an exception.

I’ve been an avid runner and cyclist for some time and have always wanted to do a triathlon. I started training last year only to do something dramatically wrong and found myself with terrible back injury… Slipped disc and a pinched nerve. So after about 7 months on drugs  I opted for back surgery… this brings us to a couple weeks ago.

What turned out to be day surgery led to 3 days in the hospital. While recovering I checked the site a number of times to get caught up on things. One night the site experienced a severe outage and I contacted our hosting company. They said they’d have the issue rectified soon. For some reason I brought 3 cellphones with me to the hospital and they all eventually died…

I remembered being stressed out that I could not be in contact with the hosting company to get the issue resolved. For some odd reason we had this Duracell charger in the car as backup for “one day”. I was hoping that it would work with one of our devices. Low and behold the mini-USB on the Duracell charger fit with the Pearl 8130 and we were good to go for a few more hours of use… eventually calming myself down and getting the site issues resolved.

The good about the charger is that it can give you a bolt of battery life when you actually need it (500 mAh battery). When you plug it into your device it’ll take about a hour for a complete charge and the red indicator light to turn green (full charge). In addition, it’s lightweight and easy to use as it only has an on/off button and a swing-arm mini USB. The bad is that the Duracell Pocket Charger can only be used through mini USB, so hopefully you’ll have a device that accept this style, like a BlackBerry or a Motorola.

I got mine a couple months ago by now… but I found it online for about 30 bucks. Well worth the price.