Half of iPhone users actually want a physical keyboard?


  • Keith hamilton

    Love the phone, hate the keyboard. I borrowed my brother’s Ipod touch once, and what a pain.

  • Michael

    I have an iPod Touch and I find I can type faster a more accurately with it than with a physical keyboard, but that my just be because used to it now

  • Matt

    Takes some getting used to if you’re accustomed to the tactile QWERTY pads, but even a toe-thumber like me can grow on the virtual pad.

    Eventually though… mobile voice recognition apps will render keyboards almost unnecessary!

  • toyandme

    The best soft keyboard I found is by cootek.com (WM and Android only). Excellent predictive capabilities and easy to use for polyglot people who keep switching languages from one sms to the next. It also has powerful shortcuts.

    More important though is the ability to add a Bluetooth folding keyboard (WM and Blackberry only). Some WM phones also have USB Host and with a $7 adapter you can add any USB keyboard. You can also use a USB hard drive, mouse, etc. Apple, Palm and Android are years behind WM when it comes to hardware and OS flexibility.

  • fred B


    On which planet exactly do you live? 😉

    Make yourself a favor and switch up your phone to a modern OS and discover why carriers and phone builders are leaving WM big way.

    What OS flexibility you have with WM ? You mean OS desuetude ?

    By the way even if keyboard replacement or tools can help a bit, efficiency in touchscreen keyboards most depend on reactivity of the screen and responsiveness of the os in general.

    Adding tools like cooltek doesn’t always works well in some programs too.

    No offense toy, just my 2cents.