Scotiabank to offer mobile banking Spring of 2010

scotiabankWe’ve already seen Zoompass mobile payments take shape in Canada, how comfortable are you with mobile banking?

Scotiabank has almost 13 million customers worldwide and they’ve announced that their customers will have the ability to do mobile banking in the spring of 2010. The mobile banking app was developed by Atlanta-based M-Com and Scotiabank says their mobile banking service will give customers (personal and small business) access to their accounts where they’ll be able to view balances, transaction history, pay bills and make transfers.

Mike Henry, Senior VP, Sales & Service, Scotiabank said “With more than 22 million cell phone subscribers in Canada, wireless phones are among the fastest growing consumer products in history. Canadians rely on the convenience of mobile devices to help them manage their busy lifestyles, and having the ability to do their banking from their mobile devices will simplify their lives that much more. The launch of mobile banking for Scotiabank customers next spring further demonstrates our commitment to offering innovative, convenient and secure banking solutions for our customers”.

Via: Scotiabank