On the day Kindle arrives, Shortcovers adds more Canadian publishers


  • joe

    Indigo should just sign a deal with Barnes and Noble and bring the Nook to Canada. Their chance of success against the Kindle is slim to none because reading on a computer and PDA/phone isn’t as reading on an eInk device.

  • reidjr

    With all due respect to short covers and there company.I hope they can compete but its not going to be easy aslo the kindle offers a device that is very appealing.

  • reidjr

    To truley compete they need there own device.

  • bj

    or better prices… Unless it is just me who struggles to pay $11.99 for an ebook, when I can buy the paperback verison for $8.99-10.99.

    I like the idea, but it still is not as satisfying as actually holding a book, and I don’t have deal with any DRM crap with the paper copy (it is mine forever to do with what I wish).

    If the price was more reasonable and I could buy the ebook at the same time or sooner than the hardcover release, without any DRM I would be interested.

  • reidjr

    One of the neat thing about this unit is you can download via 3g right to the unit.So you could be at the park or out and not have much to do and say i could really read a book right now.Pull out your kinddle and go to the online store and buy and download your book in 60 seconds this alone is very appealing.

  • reidjr

    Another interesting thing is barns and nobile is launching there ebook service in canada dec 1.THe nook will not be avaible here but the service will be which could be not good news for short covers.