Video: Unreleased BlackBerry Essex 9650 vs. BlackBerry Tour 9630

The upcoming and unannounced BlackBerry Essex has popped up again on video by “Salomondrin“. The model number is looking to be the 9650 but not confirmed.The Essex is the new Tour 2. He has captured a video comparing the both devices against each other, the 9650 and the 9630 and states the main differences between the them are the addition of the trackpad, WiFi and internal memory:

“1) Trackpad: RIM is little by little getting rid of those annoying trackballs that cause problems to most Blackberry users. The Trackpad on the Essex is great, just like the one you can find on a Second Generation Bold (9700), and always reliable. No more sticky trackballs!

2) WiFi: Another very useful add-on by RIM, just like on the Storm 2. No, you won’t be able to make calls through it, but you can certainly e-mail, browse the web, and even send BBMs while on it.

3) 2 GB of internal Memory: Another sweet advantage over your regular Tour. In case you don’t have an SD Card in your Essex you will be able to take pictures and make videos without worrying about buying one.”

Via: Salomondrin