Apple & RIM “duopoly” challenged by the “other major vector” Android devices

Rogers HTC MagicRob Bruce, the president of Rogers Communications was speaking at the BMO Media & Telecom Investor Conference yesterday and had some words about the current “duopoly” that RIM and Apple have.

He stated that manufacturers that have slide-out QWERTY devices such as Samsung and LG Electronics “are peeling off the low end of the smartphone market right now and in effect putting pressure on that duopoly”. When it comes to Android being a player, he calls this the “other major vector” that adds to the RIM and Apple feeling the pressure.

Interesting comments as it shows how important it is for a carrier to bring on the devices that Canadians want. With full QWERTY messaging devices and the availability of Android devices (now at a low $79.99 on a 3-year) it will be increasingly interesting to see what the Bell and TELUS do when it comes to Android, RIM and Apple products. In addition, when the new carriers come on board, some of them have mentioned they’ll have BlackBerry and Android devices.

So before you sign a contract, make sure you get the best deal at the best price… of course reliability is key.

Via: The Globe