SaskTel launches the Samsung Link

image_972The Samsung Link has made its way across several carriers over the past couple months (Bell, Virgin, Solo) and now finds a home over at SaskTel.

This is available on the following price plans: a promo 3-year price of $39.00; 2-year contract $79.00; 1-year contract is $149.00 and the outright price is $214.00.

The Link has a 2.2 inch LCD screen, 4 row full QWERTY keyboard, 1.3 megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth 2.0 capabilities, overall dimensions of 6.1(w) x 1.3(h) x 11.23(d) cm and weighs in at only 106 grams. It comes with speakerphone, MP3 player and a microSD slot that can hold up to 16GB for all your music, video etc.