TELUS acquires Black’s Photo for $28 million

telus-blacksEarlier in the year we saw Bell swallow all The Source locations and not to be shunned out of the retail space, TELUS has stepped forward and acquired Black’s Photo Corporation for $28 million. In total there are 113 locations across Canada soon you’ll be able to pick up TELUS product at your local Black’s.

Think about it, all that digital inventory, prime store locations for a low $28 million. Pretty good deal over the long run. This is another sign that everything will eventually merge into one, but those who are photography enthusiasts will shun the mobile phone cameras stating they are only as good as the lens. Hopefully the Balck’s staff will be up to speed on the devices and new network coming. Perhaps TELUS will create a package for their customers to order their prints online straight from their mobile device.

Joe Natale, executive-vice president and president, TELUS Consumer Solutions said “Black’s is an impressive Canadian retailer with a great brand, reputation and management team. Black’s premium locations provide an established network across Canada for the distribution of TELUS’ wireless products, which nicely complements our extensive network of dealers and stores. In anticipation of our clients’ evolving needs and as more wireless devices have imbedded high quality photo and video capability, there is a natural link between TELUS and Black’s.”

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