GSMA website confirms September TELUS HSPA launch


  • BradenF

    It coming September 15th. With the HTC hero and the chocolate model at launch. At least that’s my guess 😉

    • Rowdy

      Uh… come and gone my friend.

  • Josh

    Hey guys, if telus launches Hspa network, does that mean telus will let us set our own ringtones?

  • theninjasquad

    Damn, Bell needs to get their a*s in gear. My work needs up upgrade our phones but we don’t want to until the new network.

  • live_strong

    Bell should be launching their new network around the same time as Telus as it is a joint effort. Bell builds out East and Telus out West.

  • theninjasquad

    Why are things so quiet on the Bell front then? There doesn’t seem to be any news from them. I have to wonder how they negotiate who gets to launch first, since it isn’t really conducive for them to launch at the same time, yet whoever goes first clearly has the advantage.

  • sad

    it is coming on Sept. 15. there are ads playing in movie theaters hinting to something huge coming to telus in Sept. this is prolly wat it is

  • Jtime

    The September 15th date is not the network launch date. I read this somewhere regarding those movie ads, “The one hint we can give is that it has nothing to do with wireless products or services.”

  • greasymonkey

    Bell piggy backing off telus for the new network telus footing the bill mostly.

  • sabrex

    Telus is launching the HSDPA network only in British Columbia in September. I don’t think they’ll launch it anywhere else for another year, and Bell will not launch it elsewhere for at least another year (maybe two).

    Telus wants HSDPA in place and tested before the 2010 Vancouver Olympics (February 2010), so they can make money on the roaming charges from International visitors.

    Don’t expect HSDPA anywhere else in North America other than Vancouver & Whistler on September 2009.

    • Spencer

      I don’t think so. Telus is based in Alberta, so they will most likely have the HSDPA network there at launch. I do agree with you about them pushing for HSDPA for the Olympics, just not only in BC.

    • larrylarry

      Acutally, Telus is based in BC. Telus was formed from Alberta Gov’t Telephones and Edmonton Telephones and based out of Edmonton until Telus and BCTel merged and moved the headquarters to Burnaby.

  • Arshad Kazi

    Well sabrex, that just popped all my hopes and dreams of finally being able to own a SIM based Telus phone.

  • neptune229

    Yay! I think the GSMA is kind of official, and it said somewhere on that page that they update the network statuses once a week. I’m leaning more toward a full (or nearly full launch) sooner than you’d expect because people from all over Canada have been able to see 302-880 on their Rogers/unlocked HSPA phones if they do a manual scan. (302-880 is Telus).

  • TNSF

    HSPA network build is already far out into rural areas. The Telus/Bell network is significantly larger than Rogers and it hasn’t even launched yet.

  • Steve

    As an insider I laugh at all these comments. The GSMA posts what they are told to post by the carrier – fact or fiction. Read any press releases by either TELUS or Bell then you know the real deal. It’s a shared network between Bell and TELUS. If you’re on this site you should know better already.

  • sabrex

    Doing some more reading on the Telus/Bell HSPA/UTMS network, it looks like we may indeed see the launch in Vancouver on September 2nd, and nationwide launch in October of this year.

    It seems to me that Telus won’t be able to offer iPhones right away, since Rogers/Fido has an exclusivity contract with Apple. This may end up being a case of too little, too late unless Telus/Bell can negotiate something with Apple.

    Also, Fido has dropped the system access fees, and their CityFido plans look really really hard to ignore. We may see massive promotions coming our way very soon as Rogers/Fido & Telus/Bell duke it out.

  • greasymonkey

    Everyone know its a shared network but sharing doesnt mean 50/50. Its alot of piggy backing.

    • TNSF

      People should not assume that Telus will only build west and Bell will only build east. There are a lot of places both Telus and Bell will install their own equipment.

  • TNSF

    Rogers does not have exclusive rights to the iphone in Canada.

  • BELL/Telus network running everywhere

    Lots of folks with an HSPA compatible phone or internet stick are finding the new Bell/Telus HSPA network at locations across Canada, including rural locations. If you have such a phone, do a manual network search and check to see if you can detect a network with the ID 302-880 (that’s the ID of the new HSPA network). It’s not live yet, but is out there!

  • Michael

    My contract just ended and I am waiting for Telus Iphone or BB Storm 2. Customer Retention Rep confirmed for me today that the GSM network would be nationwide.

    • Seungheon Lee

      GOOD ONE!

  • criminalogic

    true didnt bells releace state there HSPA network will be nation wide at launch (unlike rogers who can barrly cover tha major urban citys years after there so called 3G launch? lol) – and bell allso confirmed there launch will be in time for tha 2009 olimpics!

    and in regaurds to “”Hey guys, if telus launches Hspa network, does that mean telus will let us set our own ringtones?
    Posted by Josh””

    Network has nothing to do with this.. it called digital copyrights as ALL providers do this Rogers Fido telus bell vergin kodoo solo etc etc get a smartphone,… no windows device iv used has this restriction.. most dumbphone Yes! lol

  • criminalogic

    Bell better get some better freaking phones with HSPA launch!! wit
    telus having CDMA TP2 and soon Andriod HTC Hero?! i may just switch ((as much as i hate telus)) but foreal and Otistic Monkey with Terets and DownsSysdrome could give better customer service then 90% of bell employees LMMFAO

  • firelizzard

    I think Samsung Omnia 2 is will launch.
    That’s why Omnia is so cheap(3 year contract). They have to sell left over.

  • sabrex

    Neil, as a Telus employee, do you have any information at all about the launch date in Vancouver (and the rest of Canada)? I’d think a Telus insider would know the launch date at the very least, even if you’re unsure of the other details.

    Will the HSPA network actually have speeds of 14.0 Mbps downlink and 5.8 Mbps uplink?

    Will Telus be offering the Apple iPhone 3GS?

    I think these are the questions everybody has on this forum. Can you answer any of them?

  • Carrie

    As an insider in “Insider”, I am very clear that Bell and Telus will not be able to launch WCDMA network completely even by the end of this year.

    For Telus, the Vancouver will be of high priority, and will be the first place to be launched. But for the whole network providing HSPA+ based on WCDMA, maybe we need to wait for another year.

    The same situation in Bell. Wait for another year please. That is an optimistic estimation.

    Telus is mainly for the west part of Canada while Bell is for east part of Canada. But Telus/Bell is using MOCN (multiple operator same core network) access technology to enable Telus/Bell subscriber to be able to receive network service anywhere in Canada.

    • TNSF

      Another year? Nope.

  • A

    Does anyone know if the HSPA requires new antennas? I’m in east central Alberta close to a Telus tower and they have installed a lot of hardware on it lately.