TELUS launches the Motorola Rival A455


We knew the Motorola Rival was on it’s way to TELUS and today is the day! If you are looking for a texting device, the Rival can be yours on the following price plans: 3-year contract: $99.99; 2-year contract: $199.99; 1-year contract: $249.99 and Outright: $299.99

The Rival is a side slider with a full QWERTY keyboard and comes in purple or silver. This has some touchscreen features, one-touch access to text messaging, emoticons buttons and IM, 2.2-inch screen and a 2 megapixel camera with video capabilities. Overall dimensions of the Rival are 50mm x 96.5mm x .100.3mm and weighs in at 124 grams.

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