Even more Palm Pre “Coming Soon” ads surface

bell-palm-pre-fsHow many of us are completely sick of the “Coming Soon” that is slapped on the Palm Pre? Last week we saw that Bell started to advertise in-store Pre-order, then we saw Best Buy with a similar pre-order ad… and Future Shop has jumped on the wagon and also started to promote the upcoming Palm Pre in the latest Fall issue of their “Cellshop” magazine.

I remember back in May Future Shop advertised they were going to carry the Palm Pre on their forum, but the info was removed shortly after they disclosed information they weren’t supposed to. On this latest ad there are no dates, just a friendly TBD and a description that says “Sexy, sleek body? Check. Multi-tasks? Check. Something a little more unique than the phone everyone else is carrying. Check and Check. The Palm Pre is the phone that everybody wants – and you should own.”

True… but honestly Bell, release the Pre before everybody decides to get an iPhone or a BlackBerry.

(Check out the French version of this ad in our Forum here)
Thanks “palanium”!