Get money when you recycle your phone at Best Buy

best-buy-mobile-trade-inAs Canadians become more green when it comes to our cell phones, such as the recent Motorola Renew (and a new green device launching shortly), we have many options when it comes to recycling our old devices. Many of the carriers have a in-store drop off locations or even supply you a bag in the box of your new device.

Best Buy Mobile has joined the ranks but have done it slightly different. They have partnered with Flipswap, an organization that recycles old cellphones and gives them a longer lifespan. Every time you visit a Best Buy Mobile location you can trade in your used cell phone, and in exchange you will receive a Best Buy gift card depending on the value of your phone!

For example a BlackBerry 8130 Pearl is worth $35.32, a Nokia E62 has a trade-in value of $23.62. If your device has no value or is beyond repair it’ll still be recycled but you’ll be given no money but a tree will be planted just for helping out. Best Buy says “In three easy steps and as little as five minutes you can determine your phone’s value, print out a prepaid shipping label, and send us your phone. You can expect to receive your gift card within 3-4 weeks”.

Sounds like a good trade… always good to get a bit more savings for a new device!
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