Bell offically takes over Virgin, goodnight Solo Mobile


  • theninjasquad

    And the competition gets less and less.

  • Ted Avery

    You guys keep saying goodbye Solo, but do you have any actual evidence that it's going away?

    It might make sense to you for Bell to scrap Solo, but I'd imagine there would be quite a bit of work involved in switching over all the existing Solo customers to Virgin, handling all the existing Solo staff, existing Solo ads and branding, relationships with retailers selling Solo, etc.

    Just because you think Bell doesn't need two value brands doesn't make it a for sure thing like you are acting as if it is.

  • toyandme

    I don't think Solo is redundant. This is very much like many products you find in grocery stores. Do we really need 37 types of bathroom paper? I'll bet there are only 2 or 3 manufacturers. They just want to fill up as much shelf space as possible.

    What concerns me though is that Virgin was rated No. 1 in last Jan. Consumer Report on Canadian cell phone providers, while Bell was at the very bottom –just below Rogers (if you can believe that!).

    Will Bell take Virgin down to the gutter now that it is taking over? Time will tell.

  • Sophia

    WTF I liked Virgin because it was separate from the 3 big bad companies…. I hate Rogers, Bell and Telus and there evil little clones, now there is no way to stay away from there ridiculous over priced phone plans! Its just a matter of time before Bell rapes Virgin customers! Is there any hope for Canada to have a separate independent cell phone company now? I don’t care about the new fancy phones, I just want to be able to have cell service under a hundred dollars a month!

  • Goku

    Well, Solo isnt going anywhere soon, Ive talked to my Sales Representative and some other ones and they say statistically, Solo Mobile is what the majority of their sales are from, As a result, Bell will keep Solo Mobile even after the 3G-4G transition in January of 2010, SO its not Good night solo, more like GOOD MORNING since solo will carry GSM phones as well, The iPhone a newer 3.5G model may be released on Solo, Although the definite fact is the 3GS will be released on Telus and the iPhone 3G would be slightly changed and taliored for Bells Needs.

  • Michelle

    Im sorry Sophia… I dont normally call people out – but what you said was the stupiest thing I have heard in my life. No offence. I have worked in the cell phone industry for 6 years now and YES i understand what you are saying about there only being 3 major players in Canada for cell phones… but thats the how money is made (hence the toilet paper comment). But to say that Bell is going to corrupt Virgin Mobile so that people are going to pay over 100 bucks a month… you are obviously on the wrong plan. You can go to almost any cell phone company and IF you are placed on a plan that ACTUALLY suits your needs – you will not be spending a 100 bucks.

    And as for this entire article. Solo Mobile is definitely not going anywhere. Bell created and launched Solo. They then bought out Virgin. Why would they ever shut down Solo? As mentioned in another thread, Solo is sold 40% of the time in Bell stores alone. That is not something Bell is going to give up.

  • Paco Gonzales

    You guys are tools, don’t say things that you are not sure about. Solo Mobile is staying they just switched over to HSPA….

  • joseph

    solo mobility is the best.I joined solo,enjoyed their services and then became their dealer.Anyone interested in the various plans and phones contact me at

  • Lyle Christensen

    Bought a Solo Mobile Samsung R100 July 7th at Lougheed Mall
    There was no instruction manula included in the carton
    containing the phone. The SCH-r100 Safety Warranty Guide
    has reference to “users guide” however there was NO USERS
    guide included. I’ve had to go bak many time to the kiosk
    to get instruction. Went onto the internet today & tried to
    download the users guide, however there was some kind of a
    problem & I couldn’t print it. I’m totally discussed with
    this R100 piece of junk. I’ve just wasted $79.00 for a useless pice of crap. Hope you will pass this onto the President of your company (Bell or whoever)

  • Debbie

    Hmmm, two years later and Solo is still around. Guess someone was a little overzealous in the predictions department.

    • Alex Perrier

      “Still around” but, at the time of writing, they only have three new devices. Of these, only their LG 230 flip phone works on the prepaid and/or unlimited plans. Advertising and retail presence is completely shut down.

      Although Syrup’s prediction is right, they didn’t reflect much on it. :'(

  • carol

    stay away from SOLO. They are brutal to deal with. Unless you like being put on hold for over half an hour and then when they say they will transfer you, they hang up. I’ve never dealt with a worse company. 10 days before my 13 year old daughter’s 2 year contract ended, my husband transferred her to ROgers to activate her new phone (a graduation gift). That mistake in timing is resulting in a charge of $104. Oddly, the contract was IN MY NAME so how did they allow the contract to be broken without my permission or at least informing me? I guess we could transfer anyone we didn’t like to much to a “new account” and let them pay the penalty. How absurd would that be? They are total simpletons to deal with and just keep repeating the script. I keep insisting I understand the problem, but they are not being reasonable since I didn’t cancel my contract. I even spoke with them in July and said I would be paying off the final amount but would not be RENEWING. I am so frustrated that you can’t even get through to someone with a bit of authority. By the way, when I asked for them to pull up all the “recorded” calls that I was referring to, they seemed to accidentally cut off my call…sorry, I mean “transfer” my call. STAY AWAY!

  • Lina

    I made a payment in error to SOLO in December. Not a huge amount around $70.00 I have not been able to retrieve my payment. The lies they come up with. They have it on file and received my money. They give fake names when they answer at the call centre, they say they made a payment on my credit card, they say they had the wrong address and a cheque will be out next week, they say a cheque will come out in 10 days, 15 days, 12 days etc. They put me on hold and never come back. They let you speak to a supervisor who assures you the cheque is in the mail How can they get away with all those lies and stealing like that?? Does anyone have any idea where/whom to contact next??? I was not able to find an address to address my problem, only the telephone # on the statement. These big companies make me sooooo angry that they can get away with that. I would be willing to give the money to charity just to get these companies who are stealing from their customers in the open with all their little schemes and lies. Any suggestions???

  • Anam

    …அண ண … வ ர வ ன அலசல அர ம . வரல ற ற ப பத வ ல என ப யர வ ட ட வ ட ட ர கள அண ண …]]]ஸ ர தம ப .. மறந த ட ட ன ..! கட ச ல ச ல லண ம ந ன ச ச ர ந த ன ..![[[soul kitchenக க ப ப றக எங க ப ன ர கள ? ம ப ல ப ன அட த த க க ண ட ய ர ந தத .]]]அங க ய த ன இர ந த ன .. ச ல நண பர கள டன ப ச க க ண ட ர ந த ன ..![[[ல ங க ச ம ய ப ப ர த த ன . க ல ஜ கண மண கள டன வள த த வள த த ப ஸ க ட த த க க ண ட ர ந த ர .அன ப ந த யன .]]]ச ய யட ட ம .. அவர ம வயச ப ப யன த ன ..?