Fido makes it Mandatory for exhisting customers who upgrade to get a data plan

fidonewlogoIf you’re with Fido and are looking to upgrade your current phone with your hard earned FidoDollars to a Smartphone or a internet device, starting Monday, May 4th it’ll be mandatory to get a data plan on a contract.

That’s right, if you have been waiting all this time to finally upgrade and actually use the FidoDollars incentive, you’ll now have to dish out a few extra bucks a month and go on a data plan with contract. DirtyJ in our Forum put it like this: “Customer X wants an 8gb iPhone and wants to use to his FidoDollars towards the purchase price. In addition to the 3-year voice plan, it’s mandatory to add a 3-year data plan now. If customer decides not to use FidoDollars, they do not have to have a data plan. Standard voice and data ECFs still apply.”

This comes fresh off the heels of Fido changing the Hardware Upgrade Program (HUP) from 420 days (14 months) to the new 180 days (6 months) from the expiration of your contract.

It certainly looks like the dog loves dictating from his new doghouse.
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Thanks dirtyj!