ColorWare goes BlackBerry Storm!

colorwarestormimageFor those lucky enough to have the BlackBerry Storm in Canada (some people are still on a waiting list since the soft launch in December) you can now completely change the hardware casing to whatever colour you want.

Colorware has introduced it latest customizable case for the BlackBerry Storm. There are about 15 different colour choices with 2 types of finishes: metallics and solids. Both are high-gloss and have a scratch resistant finish to them.

You can either go for a change from the current all black look to another solid colour, or as they put it “a little variation and sparkle” you can choose the metallic colors which has “tiny flakes” within the colour. Or if you really want to create a storm of colours you can combine both options.

For the bad news, this is currently only available in the US and shipping takes between 2-3 weeks. So, if you know of somebody that you can trust that has a U.S. addresses you’re good to go.

The cost for a basic solid colour change is $129 and goes up about $10 for the top and bottom, $15 for side and $30 for a frame. They’ give an option for a random selection of colours (chosen by them) and creatively called this the “BrainStorm”. Kinda fun to see how many options are available.

Visit Colorware here