Worst Case Scenario goes mobile

worstcaseimageThis is a timely topic! If you were itching to get yourself a BlackBerry Storm what is the worst that can happen?

For now, you could wait until 2009, get it on eBay or Craigslist or run to your local Bell or Telus Store to see if they have any remaining stock. In the meantime the fine people at Namco Games have put the “Worst Case Scenario” book into a mobile trivia game.

With several multiple choice scenarios that challenge what you would decide to do… everything from dating, food, camping. Each challenge give you an explanation on how and why it will keep you alive if the scenario actually happened to you.

You can play solo or with a “Group Survival mode” (where you compare your results with players from around the world).

Check out this video the Worst Case Scenario in action:

Download the game here

(Source:  IntoMobile)