Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 8220 Flip Video Review

Even though the BlackBerry Pearl Flip was officially released November 4th, we spent the last couple weeks playing around with the newest Smartphone by RIM. This is their first entrance into the flip phone market and believe for the amount of features it comes with and the price point it’s a really good deal.

The Pearl 8220 Flip is available at Rogers for $49.99 on a 3-year plan with a voice and data plan over $35 a month (you can currently get it cheaper at Future Shop for $29.99). This comes in 2 colours: Black and Pink and weighs 102 grams with a 2 megapixel camera with flash, video recorder, WiFi, media player, 3.5 mm headphone jack, SureType keyboard and trackball navigator, external microSD expansion slot for up to 16 GB. This does support Rogers “TALKSPOT” which allows you to make unlimited calls with your cell when you are in your home over WiFi and not get charged the minutes.

Our video review is below, but overall we feel that the Pearl 8220 Flip is a good phone for the value. You can read all your e-mails and view documents with the latest Blackberry OS version 4.6, plus you get the dependability of the BlackBerry brand. Our only concerns are the actual flip hinge as it seems to be unstable, and the size of the keyboard. There seems to be a great deal of wasted space when you open the phone. Also, there is no GPS, but you do have BlackBerry Maps present.

Great features were added such as an external display (128×160 resolution) where it gives you a quick overview of your messages, battery life and time. The internal display is 240×320 and is a good size and clean menu options which are easy to navigate through. We made and received and number of calls with the Pearl 8220 and the signal and reception seem to be good without any dropped calls. People could clearly hear us without having to repeat our words.

Here is our video review:

You can learn more at Rogers here