Forget Fast Food Nation… “Mobile Nation” is here!

Let’s face it.. we’re more connected now than ever. Even a recent report that asked if we could only take one item with us over a 24 hour period, 38% of us said it would be our mobile phone over our wallet. A new book put out by The Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) and Riverside Architectural Press called “Mobile Nation: Creating Methodologies for Mobile Platforms” has been released.

The co-editors, Martha Ladly and Philip Beesley gathered info from a 2007 Mobile Nation conference that focused on “exploring the emerging field of mobile experience design”.

Ladly said “Mobile devices such as cell phones, BlackBerries and the iPhone are a  part of our day-to-day lives – by the end of 2007, over 3.3 billion people were mobile phone users worldwide, Mobile Nation is one of the first books that looks at the social nature of mobility from a broad range of perspectives. The fundamental question we ask is ‘How we can design a better, more productive, more creative, more globally accessible mobile experience?”

Mobile Nation focuses on 5 areas:
1. How can mobile technologies be “reimagined” and repurposed for new user communities?
2. How can mobile technologies be designed and adapted for multiple platforms?
3. How can mobile experiences move beyond text, sound, and image to respond to the diverse and ever-changing needs and desires of mobile  users?
4. How are new paradigms in mobile communication challenging the way we experience art, design and performance?
5. How are rapidly emerging hybrid, open-source, and do-it-yourself communities intersecting with social science, engineering, architecture,  and other media disciplines?

The book is available here for $34.95

Also, they have provided a sneak peek into the book with a PDF here