MasterCard Trials Mobile Payment with Bell

Another step closer to convergence is upon us in Canada. This time it is with the ability to pay for a service or product through your mobile phone.

MasterCard Canada will be involved in a four-month test to bring payments via mobile phones to the Canadian market with its PayPass capability on Bell Mobility’s wireless network. 

PayPass enabled phones will be used to make secure purchases at any merchant location in Canada that accepts MasterCard PayPass. The technology enables a secure and fast transaction whenever the phone is “tapped” against a PayPass enabled point-of-sale payment terminal. Also, your phone can be password protected if it’s lost or stolen so it cannot be used to make payments.

“MasterCard is leading the transformation of mobile phones into secure contactless payment devices with numerous PayPass-enabled phone trials and rollouts underway in regions around the world,” said Nagesh Devata, Acceptance Development and New Products, MasterCard Canada. “One of the benefits of this technology is that little if anything must be done by the consumer to use their mobile phone as a payment device. We expect this initiative to have a significant impact on the way services are paid for at the point of sale in the future.”

“This is an important step in the progression of mobile commerce in Canada,” said Almis Ledas, VP Corporate Development, Bell Mobility. “We will be using this trial to validate the technology’s ability to meet Canadians’ high expectations for security, simplicity and convenience and will share our findings through our existing partnership with the other wireless carriers.”