Rogers to Launch BlackBerry Bold, HTC Shift in June

As we were relaxing for the Canadian long weekend it seems that Boy Genius has found some incredible news about Rogers potential launch dates. Here are the Rogers Wireless rumours flying around:

  • BlackBerry Bold will launch between June 9th-29th.
  • The HTC Shift will launch within the next 10 days (possibly May 22nd) and it’s going for $1,500 on a 3-year agreement.
  • Motorola E8 will launch in June.
  • Motorola ROKR U9 which was to launched in May, will now launch in June on Fido.
  • Motorola W755r will launch in June.
  • Rogers will not be getting the BlackBerry 8320. They are sticking to the BlackBerry 8120 and BlackBerry 8820 for UMA.

Let’s wait and see if these come true.