SaskTel to invest $123 million to improve network

SaskTel is planning to invest $123-million in 2008 to improve and expand several SaskTel services. The major highlights include:

* Digital Cellular coverage improvements to the SaskTel digital cellular network – By the end of 2008, SaskTel will have invested more than $170 million in its digital cellular network, offering digital cellular service to 97% of Saskatchewan’s population. SaskTel will invest capital of approximately $34 million in its digital cellular network this year.
* Next Generation Access Infrastructure (NGAI) – In 2008 SaskTel will invest approximately $22 million to continue to increase the bandwidth of SaskTel’s access network.
* Basic network growth and enhancements – $40 million.
* High speed internet expansion – By the end of 2008, SaskTel will have invested over $176 million to bring a high quality, price-competitive high speed internet service to 88% of the Saskatchewan population.

“Since 1987, SaskTel has invested more than $3.1 billion in our Saskatchewan network,” SaskTel President and CEO Robert Watson said. “Our work continues in 2008 with our ongoing efforts to deliver higher bandwidth, expanded coverage and the latest new communication and entertainment services to our valued customers.”