Canada slips to 13th in Global Information Technology Report

The Global Information Technology Report has been released by the World Economic Forum and Canada who used to be admired for its global progress in technology has slipped down a few ratings to 13th place overall. The report draws upon several key indicators of the economy and technology “readiness” in 127 countries worldwide.

There are 2 reports for a Mobile focus:

1. “Comparison of Countries based on Mobile telephone subscribers” – Canada ranks 75th with 3.05 mobile telephone subscribers per 100 inhabitants… right behind El Salvador, Kazakhstan (no joke) and tied with Mexico and Panama.

2. Comparison of Countries based on Cost of a Mobile Telephone Phone Call” – Canada ranks 19th with $6.98. This is based on the cost of 3-minute local call during peak hours (US$) as a percentage of monthly GDP per capita.