Phones-for-Food Challenge collects over 18,500 phones

45 high schools in 15 cities (St. John’s, Saint John, Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Richmond Hill, Oshawa, Barrie, Mississauga, Brampton, London, Sudbury, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria) entered inaugural “Rogers Phones-for-Food High School Challenge” to help reduce e-waste and help fund local food banks. Over 18,500 used wireless devices were collected over a five week period.

Rob Bruce, President, Rogers Wireless said “These are inspiring results from students across the country. They have proven they can make a big difference in our communities by making a positive impact at our food banks and on our environment.”

One wireless device, depending on its age and condition, can be worth up to $5 when donated (which is the equivalent to a jar of peanut butter, one carton of milk or even an entire meal).

Rogers awarded the winning schools in each city $3,000 for the graduating class’s commencement ceremonies. Second place and third place schools in each city were awarded $1,250 and $750. In addition, all participating schools will receive the latest and slimmest XpressMusic phone from Nokia – one phone
per school – to use for their graduation fundraising initiatives.